Destruction Codes
Home. Destruction relationship indicates the presence of behavior or relationships that are damaging in nature to the person. For instance, a person may drink and become an alcoholic. A Destruction relationship appearing in a Bazi chart also indicates the likelihood of a person feeling cornered or pressured.  For instance, a person may be forced to do something he/she do not want to do but have no choice in the matter, e.g., firing a good friend because your boss ordered you to. This type of Destruction relationship can also result in a person finding themselves in tight situations in which they are ill-equipped to deal with but have no choice but to face up to.


Rat Destroy Rooster
Monkey Destroy Snake
Dragon Destroy Chou
Horse Destroy Rabbit
Tiger Destroy Pig
Dog Destroy Goat

The Earthly Branches that have a Destruction relationship with each other MUST be next to each other in the Bazi chart in order to be considered a Destruction.  If it skips a pillar, it is not considered a Destruction.

Hour Day Month Year
  Rat Rooster  


Hour Day Month Year
Rat   Rooster  


A person can also meet a Destruction relationship when the year pillar or the luck pillar interacts with the Earthly Branches in the Bazi chart. You must, however, pay attention which Palace is involved: Hour (children); Spouse (Day); Parents (Month); or Grandparents (Year).

Hour Day Month Year
Children Spouse




86 76 66 56 46 36 26 16 6






In the example above, there is a Destruction relationship between the Month (Parents) Earthly Branch of the person's Bazi and the Luck Pillar between the ages of 26-35. It is clear that the Destruction is related to this person's parents. This Destruction will likely to occur during this person's childhood period because the Earthly Branch with a Destruction relationship appeared in the Month pillar.

Note: When a Destruction relationship appear in the Month or Year pillar, the event will occur during the person's childhood. If it appear between the Month and Day, the problem will occur during the person's youth or middle age. If the Destruction relationship appear between the Day and Hour Earthly Branches, the problem will occur during the person's old age.

Each type of Destruction relationship carries a unique meaning or implication and usually results in a very specific kind of situation or scenario. See table below for a more detailed information:

Destruction Relationship Details

Rat vs. Rooster

This Destruction relationship relates to alcohol or alcohol abuse. People with this type of Destruction in their chart are not able to face up to their problems so they tend to abuse alcohol.

Horse vs. Rabbit

This Destruction relationship involves a person turning their back on their past, their family, or their principles. People with Destruction relationship in their chart may be embarrassed with their family background. This Destruction appearing in your chart can also indicate bad experiences with friends or a violation of trust between friends.

Monkey vs. Snake

This combination is what is referred to as "Combination-Destructions." It involves situations or scenarios or relationships where things can go from good to bad, or bad to good. A good example is a business partnership that started out great but later turned ugly--maybe with the other person cheating him out of his money.

Tiger vs. Pig

This combination is another "Combination-Destruction" relationship. Depending on which pillar, it may bring about feelings of animosity between two people, e.g., father and son, daughter and mother, husband and wife, etc.

Horse vs. Rabbit

This combination is what is referred to as "Clash and Destruction." This can occur when all the Peach Blossom Stars (Rat, Rooster, Rabbit, and Horse) are present in a chart.  This combination will bring about sexual assault or problems caused by sex.

Note: If these Peach Blossom Stars appeared in your chart in different order, the impact is different.



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